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Removing amalgam

The safe way to remove harmful heavy metals

Burning tongue syndrome, a taste of metal in your mouth, fatigue, dizziness and neuralgia but also rheumatism, inexplicable sensations of pain, and other severe conditions – amalgam fillings can have severe consequences for our health. More often than not patients experience acute symptoms. This alloy of mercury, tin, silver, copper, and zinc dissolves in the oral cavity because of the saliva present in the mouth, when we eat and drink, and thereby, it constantly gives off poisonous metal substances – as proven through taking saliva samples from patients – that spread throughout the entire body and that may lead to chronic illnesses.

At the INTEGRA Dental Centre we first determine exactly what amount of what metal(s) is present in your body. This is how we can choose the therapy that is best suited to your own individual needs.

Here is an overview of our methods for diagnosis:

  • Saliva sample
  • Lymphocyte transformation test (LTT)
  • Urine sample

We then remove your amalgam fillings gently and in several individual steps. In doing so, we work very closely with the medical professionals at the INTEGRA Medical Centre and we use detoxification methods that may compliment each other. In this treatment you may rest assured that you are protected through the most efficient protective measures according to latest state of medical expertise and discoveries.

A maximum of protective measures – for your safety

1. Gold-coated respiratory mask: 
Gold binds mercury – with this special protective measure we can make sure that no mercury vapours will enter your nose.

2. Coffer dam:
This rubber-like cloth covers the back of your oral cavity, and it only leaves those spots open that are being treated – this keeps you from swallowing drilled-out amalgam components, and it keeps them from entering the oral mucosa.

3. Mercury suction unit:
This state-of-the-art suction unit allows us to collect the mercury vapours released in removing amalgam in special filters.

4. Amalgam drill:
In order to reliably prevent tiny, powder-like amalgam pieces that, in turn, create mercury vapour, we use special drills made of hardened metal.

5. Nasal probe:
During the process of removing your amalgam fillings we administer medical oxygen via a nasal probe – this is how we make sure that you do not breathe in any mercury vapour with the “regular” air.

6. Sodium sulphite rinse:
This solution contains sulphur, and it flushes out any potential remainders of mercury.

7. Selenium dose:
The trace element of selenium promotes and supports the detoxification process for poisonous substances.