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Termin vereinbaren

Removal of interference fields

When health problems have hidden causes.

Teeth with dead roots, residual infections in the jaw following tooth extraction, chronic jaw infections (also known as NICOs) and scars are all examples of interference fields which can cause health problems.

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Biological dentistry advises against root canal treatments in particular, as they can often lead to the following problems:

  • Spreading of pathogenic bacteria
  • Development of endotoxins
  • Allergies triggered by root repair materials
  • The tooth becoming an energetic interference field

As we know the problems associated with teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, we do not perform root canal treatments in our practice.

Here at INTEGRA, we establish clarity with our comprehensive interference field diagnostics, for example using the CaviTAU®. In this step, our interdisciplinary experts share their findings and are able to utilise the holistic view of the body to remove the interference field with precision – the basis for a successful treatment.