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INTEGRA periodontal therapy

Developed by the founder of INTEGRA Paul Lee - for regenerative treatment even before symptoms become apparent.

Periodontitis – bacterial infection of the periodontium – remains the most common cause of tooth loss. Unfortunately, gum disease (gingivitis) and periodontal diseases are not always associated with obvious symptoms, which is why they are often not detected until it is too late.

Today, we know that periodontitis significantly increases the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. For this reason, patients with relevant pre-existing conditions in particular should be examined for periodontitis and treated if necessary. That is the only way to avoid deterioration of the patient’s general health.

Early diagnosis with aMMP-8 tests

The aMMP-8 tests performed with a swab on teeth or implants allow us to tell with certainty whether you are suffering from periodontitis or peri-implantitis – before the first symptoms develop and even before the disease is perceptible in x-rays.

The development is attributed to bacterial plaque resulting from inadequate oral hygiene and the use of nicotine. However, in holistic dentistry, we know that periodontitis is not an isolated condition. On the contrary, diseases in the oral cavity are involved with a wide range of interactions throughout the entire human organism. From environmental influences to genetic factors and weakened immune systems to acidosis – we take a close look and examine all the details very carefully. After all, the focus at INTEGRA is not on superficial treatment of the symptoms, but rather on sustainable periodontal regeneration.

The customised combination of systemic and local treatment

To complement the standard local treatment, e.g., cleaning of tooth pockets and root planing, we have developed a unique, systemic treatment concept. As a certified PerioPrevention® Center, we combine the modern opportunities of early diagnosis with holistic therapies. Our concept here focuses both on modifying the bacterial situation and all negative influences and on strengthening your body’s natural defences and the treatment of general illness by our general practitioners (GPs).

An overview of our comprehensive, specially developed treatment protocol:

  1. Bacterial screening and aMMP-8 test

  2. Food intolerance tests
  3. Colon cleansing
  4. Deacidification programme
  5. Optimisation of bacterial situation
  6. Non-invasive biofilm removal
  7. Administering of probiotics and provision of micronutrients
  8. Non-invasive bone and gum augmentation using lasers