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Termin vereinbaren

A broad spectrum of expertise united in perfect harmony.

At INTEGRA, our aim is always to view the human organism in its entirety. This perspective of the complex interaction requires an intensive, interdisciplinary exchange, as comprehensive knowledge of the most varied of disciplines allows us to truly understand complaints and diseases and to treat them successfully.

Interdisciplinarity in our eyes.

Here at INTEGRA, we have an interdisciplinary team and a network of internationally renowned experts ready to assist you. This includes dentists from a range of different disciplines – from aesthetic dentistry to implantology right up to periodontology. And it’s not just dentists: our network of experts at INTEGRA also includes holistic doctors and therapists. We treat our patients together, employing the latest knowledge, state-of-the-art methods and innovative equipment.

Personenliste nach Dauer der Praxiszugehörigkeit.