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Sports dentistry for top athletes: higher performance, lower risk of injury 

“More bite” for top athletes with systematic sports dentistry

What if you could tap your full potential in sport with maximum strength and endurance? If you could increase your mobility, stamina, speed and power? If you could stabilise your performance curve, reduce the risk of injury and reach outstanding new heights?

Sports dentistry gives top athletes more bite

INTEGRA is one of the few interdisciplinary holistic and biological medical and dental centres in the whole of Europe. We employ the insight that there are interactions between all regions of the body, including the oral cavity with the teeth and jaw. We view the human body as a complete system and observe it from all relevant perspectives. When doing so, we focus on otherwise often overlooked interactions between the oral cavity on the one hand and the joints, muscles and organs on the other.

Integrative, interdisciplinary, international

An incorrect bite, silent inflammations, dead teeth: all these can affect an individual’s performance and increase their risk of injury when playing sport and in daily life. Joint pain, muscle tension, sleeping badly, long regeneration periods and low levels of energy can often be traced back to dental interference fields.

Here at INTEGRA, we combine dental and medical specialties. Our network of international experts from different disciplines allows us to bring together a unique and comprehensive spectrum of knowledge in our university teaching practice. We employ our experience and sound knowledge for dental treatments, high-quality and demanding aesthetic dentistry and the customised, performance-enhancing treatment of world-class athletes.

At INTEGRA Sport, we identify your individual, performance-reducing interference factors in the mouth and jaw region, optimise your situation and help you to tap your full potential and reduce your risk of injury.

Excerpts from our service portfolio:

  • Intermittent hypoxic training (IHT)
  • Relaxation splint to relax the jaw musculature and joints – improves quality of sleep
  • Performance splint to improve motion/balance and boost strength
  • Professional mouthguard: comfortable mouthguard helps avoid injuries to the teeth, temporomandibular joints and jawbones
  • Removal of interference fields to boost regeneration and strength