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Dental implants

Permanent replacement of a lost tooth with a fixed prosthesis.

If a tooth is truly no longer capable of functioning as required and is not worth preserving, the decision is usually taken to extract it. It is also important in the case of accidents involving tooth loss to decide to replace the tooth sooner rather than later so as to avoid potential loss of bone substance and a subsequently necessary surgical procedure for bone augmentation. Last but not least, tooth loss is also always a matter of appearance. A dental implant represents a modern solution for teeth which appear strong, healthy and natural-looking. We here at INTEGRA are experts in dental implants. Minimally invasive procedures allow us to shorten the healing process following your implant treatment considerably and simultaneously minimise the associated pain. In addition, we also employ innovative, biological treatment steps to aid and encourage wound healing.

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • High-quality implant systems for the highest requirements on durability
  • Dazzlingly beautiful aesthetics thanks to perfectly coordinated tooth shade
  • Minimally invasive methods – for tissue-saving surgeries
  • Treatment performed by experienced implantologists in Luxembourg

We are your experts.

Irrespective of whether only one tooth is to be replaced or the entire arch restored without any gaps using multiple implants: we have a wealth of experience in both the insertion and aftercare of dental implants. Natural beauty thanks to perfectly coordinated tooth shade, reliable stability and resilience: that’s what characterises the implant systems employed at INTEGRA.