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Termin vereinbaren

Healthy and full of energy

Surely everyone wants to be able to enjoy their free time to the fullest and be productive in their everyday life? Yet for many people the reality of life is a different story.

Odysseys from one doctor to the next, treatment after treatment and nothing seems to help? The causes of inexplicable symptoms such as chronic pain, digestions issues, fatigue, migraines, back pain, muscle aches and circulatory problems can often be found in the mouth. Many people are surprised by that – here at INTEGRA Biohealth, it’s part of our day-to-day work, as we use holistic diagnostics to identify the causes of pain and complaints. These are often to be found in dead or root-treated teeth, interference fields in the jaw or amalgam fillings.

We practise holistic, biological dentistry with conviction. We are currently offering personal initial online consultations with our biological dentists. Simply send an e-mail to info@integra.lu with the subject “Personalised initial consultation” and including your contact details.