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Interview with Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright

My decision to support this concept - and INTEGRA Biohealth - was essentially a very easy one to take. For one thing, the treatment is a perfect match for my personal treatment philosophy of viewing the person as a whole and also treating them holistically. In addition, I think that Paul Lee is also a very personable and competent dentist. As such, I am sure that we will enjoy working together an our skill sets will complement each other well.

What is the Intralift procedure?

The Intralift technique is a minimally invasive procedure for bone augmentation in the region of the maxillary sinus. Personally, I find the conventional surgery too invasive. The traditional method takes much more time and the patient's postoperative recovery time and healing phase are also considerably longer. I simply want the patient to feel happy and well after the operation, meaning that swelling, pain and bruising are essentially unacceptable. The Intralift procedure is a means of achieving this, and that it also reflected in the entire surgery as I perform it. Furthermore, it fits perfectly with the INTEGRA Biohealth treatment concept, as we want to treat our patients minimally invasively.

Why holistic/biological dentistry?

My motivation developed after many years, because at some point I became interested in exploring how I could optimise treatment concepts and make them even more biological. That means avoiding the use of metals - our bodies simply aren't designed to cope with the introduction of metals. It involves removing certain infections - known as NICOs - from the jawbone and then being able to treat other parts of the patient's body not directly associated with their mouth. For the patient, the advantage is that they are treated holistically. Good teeth and healthy teeth make for a healthy body. For this reason, it is important that these aspects also be dealt with accordingly.

Ceramic or titanium implants?

For me as a practitioner, the advantage of ceramic implants are obvious. They are considerably more biocompatible. What I mean by that is: titanium is good - but not ideal for all patients. The number of patients displaying allergic reactions to tiatnium is increasing all the time. Our gums also adapt better to zirconium implants than titanium implants. The physical properties associated with metals, for example corrosion or galvanism, are not observed when zirconium dioxide is used. It is tolerated far better by the body than titanium. There are now also long-term study results available regarding the stability and integration of the material that demonstrate almost no difference compared with titanium.

In addition to Switzerland, you are now also working in Luxembourg. What do you like in particular about Luxembourg?

First of all, I'm a big fan of small countries which are both beautiful and, at the same time, very cutting-edge. I also love riding my motorbike and am sure that I will come here on my bike sometimes, too. I think Luxembourg is a very cosmopolitan and very dynamic country, plus it is within easy to reach of where I live in the neighbouring Rhineland region of Germany.

Motorbikes, Kitesurfing, Judo - what is it about these hobbies that fascinates you so much?

I have been actively practising judo for more than 25 years now - 20 of them at competitive level. I relish the challenge. I also love demanding discipline of myself and setting myself goals. I like to think of myself as a relatively ambitious person. Kitesurfing - the water sport - gives me a very good balance, as I am only grappling with the elements: wind and water - I just love being in the water. It lets me get away from it all for a while and I really like that feeling. Riding my motorbike is also a great way for me to swith off and really get away from it all. Plus it's so much fun! There are so many beautiful routes around here, and it's a unique experience on my motorbike. No telephone, no computer.

These are all things which help me relax, recharge my batteries and achieve a good balance so that I can perform well in my truly demanding job.

What are your hopes for your professional future at INTEGRA Biohealth?

From a work perspective, I really hope that we gel well over the coming weeks and months. I want to get to know the team better and am looking forward to meeting the patients and seeing everything come together. I am certain that we will have some great synergies here and am looking forward to new adventures in this field.