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Interview with Prof. Dr. Nothdurft:

Prof. Nothdurft, please be so kind and introduce yourself including your specialisation.

Following a long academic career at German university hospitals in Bavaria and Saarland, I entered private practice and joined the INTEGRA Medical Group in August 2020. In particular, I am able to offer our patients functionally and aesthetically high-quality and sustainable restorations in the field of my specialisations, namely prosthetic dentistry and dental implantology.

What was your role at the universities?

All in all, I worked at German university hospitals for 22 years. This began with 4 years in the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich, followed by my time in the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Materials Sciences at Saarland University. During this period, I worked intensively in patient treatment as well as in research and teaching. Whilst doing so, I gained experience in all of the functional areas of a university hospital, including a number of years as Clinical Director.

What is understood by the subject area "Prosthetic dentistry"?

To explain the subject area "Prosthetic dentistry", I would like to quote the definition of the core competence of the corresponding specialist association, the German Society for Prosthetic Dentistry and Biomaterials (DGPro):
"Prosthetic dentistry is a medical discipline focusing on clinical treatment and oral rehabilitation in cases of tooth loss or pronounced dental hard substance damage. It encompasses all the interrelated biological, functional, psychosocial, material knowledge and technological aspects."

Our subject also covers – in close interdisciplinary cooperation – synoptic treatment planning and questions of long-term care strategies. Prosthetic dentistry therefore has a high level of responsibility at both individual patient and population level.
In the foreground is a patient-oriented, preventive approach focusing on benefits to health.
This is understood holistically, aims to preserve oral structures and explicitly includes quality of life related to oral health."

What distinguishes INTEGRA from many other practices active in the field of prosthetic dentistry?

The INTEGRA Medical Group has introduced a well thought-out and holistically oriented general treatment concept. With my specialisation in complete prosthetic treatments, I am in a position to complement this excellently. As I have been working intensively with ceramic dental materials in both academic and clinical settings for many years now, I am very pleased that the treatment strategies in practice here accommodate my metal-reduced or even – when practically possible – metal-free treatment approach.
The possibility of being able to continue to work to university standards in patient care in particular was a decisive factor in my decision to join the INTEGRA team.

What do you particularly like about Luxembourg?

The country has a wide and varied range of scenic and cultural attractions to offer. In addition, Luxembourg is a melting pot for a large number of nationalities. The European way of thinking is evident everywhere you go, and yet – at least it is my impression – the people have also understood how to preserve the unmistakeable character so typical of their country.