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Interview with Dr. Josephine Tietje:

Dr. Tietje, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your specialisations.

My name is Dr. Josephine Tietje. I am a specialist in oral surgery and am also specialised in biological dentistry. I am originally from Bremen in Germany but work as a surgeon in Switzerland and am now also part of the INTEGRA team in Luxembourg. I began specialising in surgical dentistry right after completing my studies and was lucky enough to work in various practices during my specialisation phase where there was a considerable focus on minimally invasive surgery and my colleagues exercised the highest level of expertise. As such, I became aware of the great advantages of minimally invasive surgery at any early stage and have expanded and consolidated my knowledge in this field as my career progressed.

What does the role at INTEGRA mean for you?

INTEGRA offers the ideal opportunity for interdisciplinary cooperation. Each specialist in the team here works at the highest level in their field. This offers the possibility of viewing each patient as an individual and selecting the perfect treatment for them. Precisely that is possible in this so harmoniously coordinated team here at INTEGRA. And that is why I am so happy to be able to work with INTEGRA and contribute my area of expertise.

What is your motivation for practising biological dentistry?

On the one hand, I think it is important to view the person as a whole. Not simply the teeth as an individual unit, but the body as a complete system. This allows you to expand your professional spectrum enormously. You see such great improvements in the patient’s health! It really is a great pleasure every day anew to see how the patients not in good health come into the practice and leave again displaying significant improvements. Simply put, it is very rewarding work.

You have also specialised in oral surgery. Why did you choose that field?

I am a specialist in ceramic implantology. I chose this path because I believe that it is possible to achieve the maximum benefit for the patient in the field of aesthetics. Zirconium implants are beautiful implants which also offer enormous advantages for the soft tissues compared with metal implants. Soft tissues adhere firmly to ceramic implants. The results are very appealing result – especially in the anterior region. But also if you look beyond there: In contrast to metal implants, zirconium implants do not release particles into the surrounding tissue. Studies have revealed that metal particles can be detected in the lymph nodes of patients who have received metal implants. In addition, there are patients who simply do not tolerate metal well. Ceramics are the perfect solution in such cases, too.

What do you do in your free time to find a balance for your demanding work?

In my free time, my favourite thing is to spend time outdoors with my horse. I love being outside, enjoy jogging through a forest near where I live and really like being aware of my surroundings. I like to practise yoga, I like dancing and I like singing. All that gives me the strength I need to be there for the patients even when treatments take longer.