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Interview with Dr. Ehninger:

Dr. Ehninger, you moved to Luxembourg from Berlin for this position. What prompted you to take that step and join the INTEGRA Team?

A working environment that satisfies high quality requirements combined with INTEGRA's unique concept and Dr. Paul Lee's personality and experience - that's what motivated me to make this change. I have known Dr. Paul Lee for many years; we worked together in Berlin and I hold him in very high regard. For his skills, his concept and the high standards demanded of our work.

In your view, what are the advantages of the INTEGRA concept for patients?

The holistic approach in combination with the exceedingly high quality of treatment, the high individuality of a therapy and the close interdisciplinary cooperation with the experienced GP Dr. Schockmel and other experts allow the patients to benefit from a holistic treatment from a single source. It is simply far more than "just having teeth repaired".

Among other things, you completed a further training course in environmental dentistry a few months ago. What in particular did you find characteristic of the course?

The deep insights into immunological causes of chronic diseases expand dental expertise enormously. How can we track down and diagnose these causes? What is behind them? That has nothing to do with a confession of faith, but is rather diagnosis of causes at a high, well-founded level - and that allows us to treat with a holistic view of the individual patient.

Nowadays especially, the field of environmental dentistry is becoming ever more important - why is that the case and what is the reason behind it?

That is a very good question and one which is not very easy to answer. The fact of the matter is that people's awareness of the rapidly evolving environmental conditions has grown. We know more, inform ourselves better and are more open than ever before to alternatives in the face of the increasing incidences of allergies and chronic diseases. Microplastics - to name just one keyword - we have now all accepted that we need to rethink the use of microplastics if we want to protect our health. That often leaves questions unanswered that we can answer in many cases with our concept.

You also have other professional specialisations - why are they such an asset for your patients?

That's true, I have many other different specialisations in the field of the minimally invasive and comprehensively considered rehabilitation of dental health. My goal is to satisfy the highest quality requirements for a treatment. After all, what use are high-quality, metal-free materials if the corresponding methods aren't of an equally high quality? That is my firm belief and it shapes my approach to my work. With a focus on overall health at all times, of course.

As a dentist and father of three, what do you see as particularly important aspects of dental care at home and what tips or advice can you give parents whose children become rebellious when the time comes to clean their teeth?

That is something which happens unfortunately. The best solution is to include cleaning their teeth as a perfectly natural and normal routine right from their first tooth. Loving patience, consistent perseverance and a healthy dose of praise are the keys to success. Baby's first tooth can and should be cleaned as soon as it becomes visible. Older children can clean their own teeth first and then the parents can help with the finishing touches - trying to make the whole process as fun as possible.

No matter how much the child rebels, teeth have to be cleaned - and that without getting impatient or annoyed. It is also extremly important never to threaten the child with the dentist because that can cause people to develop a fear of us and can also have negative repercussions for the future. The best thing is to start visiting us early on. That way the children get to know us, see it as a normal occurrence and never develop this fear in the first place.

Berlin as the dynamic capital city of Germany and Luxembourg as Europe's smallest metropolis are very different beyond any shadow of a doubt. Why do you personally think Luxembourg is such a good place to live?

That's an easy one: it is the people here who make Luxembourg so special. You can't help but feel at ease here. The friendliness and relaxed attitude of the people here is truly impressive - even in rush-hour traffic.