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Bone augmentation with Intralift™

Following tooth loss in the maxilla, the jawbone around the socket gradually begins to atrophy. A steady reduction in bone density is also observed following periodontitis and as we age. Consequently, a procedure known as a sinus lift – augmentation (building up) of the jawbone – is required if we then want to replace a missing tooth with an implant.

At INTEGRA, this bone augmentation is performed – gently and complemented by expertise in biological dentistry – using the Intralift™ procedure. This minimally invasive surgical technique was developed by INTEGRA oral surgeon Prof. Dr. Wainwright in cooperation with two other colleagues.

In contrast to the conventional sinus lift procedure, IntraliftTM is based on ultrasound and considerably reduces the risk of tissue damage. The method also makes it possible to avoid opening up an access through the lateral bone window completely. The IntraliftTM procedure minimises postoperative complaints such as swelling and pain as well as complications such as secondary bleeding and considerably shortens the healing period. Light physical activities are possible right from the day after the operation.

Intralift™ is a patented technique which is employed all over the world and has the potential to replace the conventional sinus lift procedure as the gold standard. In Prof. Dr. Wainwright, one of the inventors of this trendsetting system is available here at INTEGRA Biohealth for your bone augmentation treatment.