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INTEGRA BioLifting

For a new, fresh and vital appearance in all naturalness.

Small wrinkles with a big impact: deep frown lines, dark shadows under the eyes and a drooping mouth region are all features which leave a face looking inadvertently angry, tired or concerned. So are less-pronounced cheekbones, fine lines, a poorly defined chin contour and disharmonious jaw proportions: whatever aspect of your face, neck, hands or chest is causing you concern, with our INTEGRA BioLifting technique we offer a gentle, biological anti-ageing treatment for a particularly natural, fresh, dynamic and healthy look on the basis of a technology known as mesotherapy. This involves injecting wrinkles with NCTF (a compound of valuable amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acid) or the patient’s own blood, which is only injected into the outer layers of the skin.

Advantages of INTEGRA BioLifting:

  • Non-surgical intervention

  • Biological approach based on hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • Only injected into the outer layers of the skin
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin, improves its condition and rejuvenates its appearance
  • The use of microneedles makes the treatment particularly gentle on the tissues and almost painless
  • Avoids bruising and swelling
  • Promotes cell and collagen production

INTEGRA BioLifting is a minimally invasive treatment which rejuvenates the face, neck, chest and hands, leaving them radiating with a new-found freshness. A facelift without a scalpel – kind, gentle and on a biological basis. The focus is always on the face as a whole, the appearance of the skin and the area being treated.

INTEGRA BioLifting procedure:

Comprehensive initial consultation, advice and briefing

  • In mesotherapy with own blood
  • A minute quantity of blood is taken
  • The whole blood is prepared in a centrifuge
  • In mesotherapy with NCTF
  • The substance is prepared for injection
  • A topical anaesthetic is applied to the areas of skin to be treated
  • The injection is performed at the desired point
  • The patient and therapist communicate continuously throughout the treatment until the desired result is achieved

A beautiful success

By the way, numerous studies have confirmed the link between an attractive appearance and professional success. Here at INTEGRA, we are convinced that people who feel good about themselves and are happy with their appearance also radiate a friendly, dynamic and winning glow. Both in their professional and in their private lives.

Download more information:

Flyer INTEGRA BioLifting (PDF)