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Termin vereinbaren

Complex reconstructive dentistry

Dental excellence offering a new quality of life.

Tumour therapy or serious trauma, infectious diseases or large cysts, even congenital dental anomalies such as cleft lips and palates – the causes of serious hard and soft tissue defects in the jaw can be manifold. They always mean a considerable reduction in quality of life. The innovative possibilities of complex reconstructive dentistry allow our team to treat the particular challenges of these defects which cannot be treated by surgical means alone successfully with highly customised, complex solutions.

From missing teeth to complete edentulism or non-existent, abnormal or underdeveloped bone and jaw regions – here at INTEGRA, the focus is on a customised, interdisciplinary, surgical-prosthetic treatment concept. On the basis of a personalised treatment plan, we develop the special treatment workflow using an obturator or resection prosthesis. This makes it possible to resolve the defect reliably and establish the foundations for reliable dental prostheses. We achieve this with complex treatment solutions that we perform in close collaboration with selected dental laboratories. The result for our patients is a new everyday life which ensures quality of life and allows breathing, speaking and eating to become a pleasant normality again.