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Anti-snoring splint

The gentle way to sleep through without snoring again.

Snoring affects many people’s sleep – more than half of men and around 40 per cent of women snore. Whilst usually just a disturbing noise, heavy breathing through the mouth can also be an indication of health problems: snoring reduces your oxygen intake, which is detrimental to the quality of your sleep and leaves you feeling less rested and not as productive during the day. And not only that – interrupted breathing during the night can lead to high blood pressure, strokes or heart attacks in severe cases.

Conventional treatment methods often focus on almost complete surgical excision of the soft palate, uvula and sometimes tonsils. This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and normally associated with an overnight stay and the usual risks of surgery for the patients. In contrast, here at INTEGRA Biohealth we employ a method which is as gentle as it is effective.

Customised anti-snoring splints

Our innovative anti-snoring splints are comfortable to wear and highly effective. Once the muscles relax during sleep, the splint gently pushes the lower jaw forward, counteracting the narrowing of the airways, preventing the tongue from slipping backwards and optimising breathing through the mouth. This makes it possible to avoid snoring without any unpleasant side effects.