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For the new strength of your immune system.

Our body and, by extension, our whole organism has to defend itself against a wide range of different factors and poisonous materials and substances: Stress at work, electromagnetic damage of the modern smartphone-connected world, harmful metals in your teeth such as mercury or palladium. But also countless heavy metals or environmental toxins hidden in our food, drinking water or exhaust fumes are part of this. In particular heavy metals such as lead, mercury, silver, cadmium, gold, cobalt or tin, the human body can only secrete insufficiently in a natural way, and our body then stores these harmful heavy metals in our bodily tissues. In a lot of cases this can weaken our immune system or this situation might even lead to chronic conditions. This is part and parcel of what we do at the INTEGRA Detox Centre – this is to strengthen your immune system, to strengthen the body’s own healing powers, and you will once again feel healthy and well.

Our detox therapies:

Providing the body with vital vitamins and valuable substances that are barely absorbed through our nutrition every day - this is the goal of our INTEGRA detox therapies. Every step of this is adapted to your own medical history and the disruptive factors surrounding you. Based on this our physicians for biological medicine will, for example, combine infusions with the suitable micronutrients.

  1. Step: Detailed and comprehensive examination (e.g. through analysis of urine, blood, and saliva samples)
  2. Step: Having the relevant harmful substances lead out of your body and undergoing detoxification of heavy metals
  3. Step: Micronutrient mixtures tailored to your needs

It is after having interference fields or amalgam removed by a dentist that this therapy for sustainable detoxification is highly recommended. This is because we can thereby make sure that this detoxification therapy strengthens your immune system in the long term.