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Dental treatments that look at the entire individual.

At the INTEGRA Dental Centre we do not look at your teeth, jaw, and oral cavity as an area completely separate from the human organism as a whole. No. We extend our point of view to always include the whole system of the body – with all its interplays, biochemical connections, and its psychological backgrounds.

Treatment on a high level of quality.

At the INTEGRA Dental Centre we offer you a comprehensive range of health services. In this we rely on state-of-the-art technology, holistic expertise, precise diagnoses, and methods as easy on the patient as possible.

Sustainable healing thanks to up-to-date knowledge.

Ever new revelations from research, science, and development – this is what we utilise for you and your holistic healing process. In order to ensure that we always have the latest discoveries at our fingertips, we place great importance on continuous professional development, and expanding on our existing knowledge through exchanges with renowned colleagues from around the world. 

Honest, open, and comprehensive advice.

At the beginning of our treatments according to holistic, biological dentists always comes comprehensive advice. There is time and we are listening to everything you have to say in terms of what concerns you and what you would like. We start with a comprehensive review of your medical history. This covers more than just dental diseases. Rather we look at general, pre-existing conditions, allergies, and other potential problems. This is how we can choose the therapy that is best suited to you. At the INTEGRA Dental Centre this also means that we inform you sincerely about the advantages and the potential risks of a treatment.

Health and beauty go hand in hand.

For us health is always key – there are no two ways about it. In addition our focus is always on delivering the highest quality. It goes without saying that, in doing so, we also place great importance on the aesthetic aspect of it all. After all healthy teeth exude natural beauty.