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Dentist for international business people 

Outstanding dentistry, perfect timing and first-class care of business people – everything from a single source

INTEGRA Business: Premium, exclusive dentistry for business patients wishing to return to work in the shortest time possible.

INTEGRA Business encompasses a range of special services for our business patients, international business people and busy individuals. For all those who attach great importance to excellent dental treatment which fits in perfectly with a busy schedule and is professionally organised as a complete package. No extended absences from work and annoying delays waiting for the laboratory or follow-up appointments. Instead, we offer premium extras such as guest care during your treatment stay including travel planning, hotel reservations and sightseeing in Luxembourg – or whatever else you would like. That is exactly what we offer you – everything from a single source.

You can expect: dentistry of the highest calibre, in a short space of time and perfectly organised. You can also elect to complement your dental treatment with a check-up performed by our holistic doctor and an anti-ageing package from our beauty specialists. Choose the gentle INTEGRA BioLifting – for a naturally fresh and vital appearance. With no scalpels and immediately visible results. 

These services are offered by INTEGRA Biohealth in Luxembourg: a competence centre combining dental expertise and professional (dental) aesthetic skills with biological medicine. Under one roof, in exclusive surroundings and with a team of internationally renowned clinicians.

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INTEGRA Business offers you:

  • Experienced, renowned dentists – who have passed the German state exam 
  • Mobile medical history compilation and diagnostic equipment – wherever you like and without time for travelling back and forth
  • Optimally planned and efficient treatment workflows – for high-quality dental care with the fewest number of appointments necessary, perfectly timed and in quick succession
  • Professional, perfectly coordinated cooperation between the practice, laboratory and suppliers – premium dental prostheses from the laboratory without long waiting times
  • Minimally invasive surgery – almost pain-free and with minimal swelling
  • Biological regeneration support – optimal healing processes mean no or only very short absences from work
  • Personalised appointment, even at short notice – to make sure your dental health fits in with your busy schedule 

First-class dental health

INTEGRA Biohealth is a highly professional medical and dental centre with the maxim of offering its patients treatments at an exceptionally high dental, aesthetic and biological medical level. With a focus on overall health and well-being at all times. In addition to state-of-the art equipment and scientific expertise, you can also expect services from us on a par with those you find in exclusive hotels and first-class air travel.

Find out more about INTEGRA Biohealth and how we can conserve the health and beauty of your teeth with our special business services. 

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Business treatment times – to suit any schedule

We adapt to fit your schedule – and not vice versa. After all, dental health shouldn’t be a matter of finding time. As such, we will be happy to pay you a visit to take your medical history and perform our diagnostic procedures. In your office, at your home or even at your hotel if you are on a business trip. Our ultra-modern, mobile diagnostic equipment allows us to offer patients consultations on site in European metropolises such as London, Rome, Madrid, Porto, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. For the treatment in our innovative dental practice in Luxembourg, we offer you personally arranged appointments, outside of regular practice hours if necessary, and can even find time for you of an evening and on Saturdays.

“No stress, no long waiting times and, above all, dental treatment which combines exceptional quality and perfect timing.”

INTEGRA Biohealth: Overview of services

Holistic dentistry

From ceramic implants to safe removal of amalgam and INTEGRA periodontal therapy right up to complex reconstructive dentistry, we offer a comprehensive range of premium-quality services.

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Aesthetic treatments

With well-founded knowledge of modern dental aesthetics, innovative methods and the latest digital technologies, we offer treatments which unite natural aesthetics and reliable functionality.

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Our INTEGRA BioLifting procedure guarantees a very natural, fresh, rested and dynamic look. The gentle, biological and minimally invasive treatment rejuvenates the skin, neck and chest, leaving them radiating with a new-found freshness.

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The focus here is just as much on talks and lectures by our renowned specialists, training sessions and expert events allowing knowledge exchange among colleagues as it is on a comprehensive training programme which distinguishes us as a teaching practice for the University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry Luxembourg.

Get an impression of our range of services and our special business packages.