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Heavy metal detoxification

New strength for your immune system.

Our bodies and therefore our entire organism are exposed to a wide range of factors and toxins: stress at work, the electromagnetic damage of the modern smartphone world, harmful dental metals such as mercury and palladium. Not only that, there are also countless heavy metals and environmental toxins lurking in our food, drinking water and exhaust fumes. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, silver, cadmium, gold, cobalt and tin in particular can only be excreted naturally by the human body in insufficient quantities, with the surplus being deposited in the tissues. In many cases, this results in a weakened immune system or even chronic illnesses and nerve damage. This is exactly where we here at INTEGRA come in – to ensure your immune system gets the boost it needs, your body’s natural healing powers are promoted and you feel fit and healthy again.

Our detox therapies:

The aim of our detox therapies here at INTEGRA is to supply the body with the essential vitamins and valuable nutrients that are rarely ingested with our modern diet. Our specialists in biological medicine will create infusions with the corresponding micronutrients based on your personal medical history and the disturbing factors surrounding you personally.

  1. Step: Detailed and comprehensive examination (e.g., urine, blood and saliva analysis)
  2. Step: Performance of customised harmful substance detoxification and heavy metal detoxification
  3. Step: Customised micronutrient mix (e.g., in the form of infusions)

A therapy for sustainable detoxification is particularly recommended after dental removal of interference fields, heavy metal detoxification or amalgam removal. This allows us here at INTEGRA to ensure that your immune system is mobilised sustainably.